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Good books, fast cars, cold drinks. My best way of spending free time.

The Last Don

The Last Don - Mario Puzo A masterpiece of a page turner crime book. Great!

The Godfather

The Godfather - Peter Bart, Robert Thompson, Mario Puzo Great page turner! Highly recommended!!

One Universe: At Home in the Cosmos

One Universe: At Home in the Cosmos - Neil deGrasse Tyson, Charles Liu It is a grand book. Literally! it is quite demanding but it's really worth it! but don't get the wrong impression, the language is everyday so really everyone may experience pleasure from it. It's the great asset! There's not so many good books about supernovas, black holes and neutron stars written in such a way. And those graphics- they are truly stunning. I highly recommend it! Even if you don't have 'cosmic' background. It's intelligent, simple, informative. And all about science!

Cold Fire

Cold Fire - Dean Koontz It isn't better than other book by Koontz but it was a good reading for sure! It's really surprising, while you're reading u don't know where the ending gonna take you. And it is exceptionally well written., the main characters were life like to me . i nearly felt as I'm one of them. Nice concept and interesting plot.

Spinors and Space-Time: Volume 1, Two-Spinor Calculus and Relativistic Fields (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics)

Spinors and Space-Time: Volume 1, Two-Spinor Calculus and Relativistic Fields - Roger Penrose, Wolfgang Rindler It's an excellent explanation of the universe and science, but it isn't easy to read. For non-mathematicians mind it will be a real challenge. It's not for a casual reader-those would appreciate Hawking's books.

Kiss the Girls (Alex Cross)

Kiss the Girls - James Patterson I liked it a lot. Fast paced, nice plot. I recommend it.